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We collaborate with musicians and business companies to help them stand out from the crowd with high-quality audio and video content. Our rates are very competitive and the equipment we use has been carefully chosen to guarantee a desirable result of your project.

At Infinity Studio, our journey began in May 2019 with a  vision to create a place where artistic dreams come to life. With a focus on music and film, this studio is dedicated to building a creative space that inspires and supports artists in achieving their aspirations. Join us on this exciting journey of artistic exploration and expression.

You are at the right place if you…

Starting your music career and looking for a reliable partner

Want to record a song at a competitive cost

Need a unique music video to visualize your song

Need a promotional video for any kind of business

Looking for useful tips on the music industry

Planning on speech or podcast recording

And much more…

Our Services


We provide professional audio recording, MIXING, and MASTERING services.

To be more specific, you can get song vocals, voice-overs, foley sounds, podcasts, and speeches recorded in a high-quality format

Your audio content will be shared on our social media channels /IF ALLOWED/, so more people will discover you and engage with your content.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.


We also specialize in recording music and promotional videos. If requested, you can be sure to get a unique video idea or video script that will help your project achieve better results. 

-Videos are recorded in 4K resolution and edited using the latest editing software –  color correction/grading, light, or moderate edit included. 

-Your personal choice of music will be added to a video. 

-Your video will be shared via Infinity Studio’s social media channels.


Customer Reviews

B.T Region b.t rEGION Facebookarrow_forward

High quality equipment and microphone, friendly atmosphere - the engineer's expert advice during the session was also very valuable, professional mix and mastering. We are very happy with the final result and hope to record some more tracks there!
Thanks for the cooperation - B.T Region

Steven Mayaki MYAKI INSTAGRAM arrow_forward

Had a whole album done with infinity studios and it was the best music project I've ever had till date. Mixing was perfect, video was sublime. I will always use them as they help me achieve the best in my music career.

Hrvoje Mar*****ic vJENCANJE SPOT arrow_forward

Imao sam iznimno dobro iskustvo sa ovim uratkom. Spot je iznimne kvalitete, a cijeli postupak je bio nezamjetan. Izabir pjesme i sama montaža je nadmašila sva moja očekivanja. Na kraju svega ovaj spot mi je najdraža uspomena sa samosa vjenčanja. Velika hvala Ivanu na izvrsnom radu


Absolutely incredible. I went from having no music to having a selection of what I consider works of art all thanks to Infinity Studio. Your ideas are expressed in a safe environment with positive feedback. Even if you don't believe in yourself, Infinity Studio believes in you.

Jack Lanigan JACK LANIGAN INSTAGRAMarrow_forward

For the quality of the mixing for the price of the quality is very good, also the timing of roi is extremely good.


It’s always a pleasure working with Infinity Studio and the job is always done at a high standard.

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