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100 Godina, made by Croatian artist Antonio Bazdaric, a song to make you happy and cheerful—a true summer hit vibe! 100 GODINA Antonio Bazdaric Watch Experience Antonio Bazdaric's captivating song, "All I Can See," released in September 2021. This heartfelt track, with its soft rock love song vibes. ALL I CAN SEE ANTONIO BAZDARIC WATCH Experience the magic of a Croatian holiday with Antonio Bazdaric's enchanting cover of the Croatian Christmas song 'Fritula.' With his unique musical touch, Antonio brings a delightful twist to this festive favorite. FRITULA ANTONIO BAZDARIC WATCH Antonio Bazdaric and PakMan join forces in 'I've Got Nothing To Fear,' a rock-infused anthem with hip-hop verses. This powerful song reflects on the impact of the pandemic, delivering an inspirational message of resilience. I’ve Got Nothing To Fear ANTONIO BAZDARIC ft. PakMan WATCH Antonio Bazdaric's cover of 'How to Save a Life' by The Fray is not only a vocal masterpiece but also features a captivating video storyline. Watch as the emotional tale of a troubled couple unfolds, set to Antonio's stunning rendition. How to save a life antonio bazdaric WATCH Antonio Bazdaric rocks out in his cover of Adastra's 'Svima se dogodi.' This hard-hitting rendition captures the essence of love's challenges and the determination it takes to find it. Svima se dogodi ANTONIO BAZDARIC WATCH DAPA's 'Momo' delivers an electrifying message of ambition and success in a high-energy music video that captures the essence of determination and growth. MOMO DAPA WATCH Dapa and Dope_mtf's 'You Don't Know' video portrays two contrasting lives – one with friendship and modesty, the other with wealth but isolation, highlighting the value of genuine connections. You Don't Know DAPA FT. DOPE_MTF WATCH DAPA, Persephmoney, and S-Kwon unite in 'ABDUCTED,' expressing a shared sentiment of feeling trapped in this world. Their powerful collaboration delves into the complexities of existence and the sense of confinement many can relate to. ABDUCTED DAPA FT. Persephmoney X S-Kwon WATCH DOPE_MTF's 'OMG' is a high-energy party anthem that will get you on your feet. The lyrics convey a wild night of dancing, celebration, and carefree fun. Join the party and let the music take you on a thrilling ride. OMG DOPE_MTF WATCH DOPE_MTF 'Wag1,' a gritty drill hip-hop track that emphasizes self-reliance and unwavering determination. WAG1 dope_mtf x Sinista tha great WATCH Dope MTF and ErReKiNg team up in 'Shots Fired,' a drill song mixing English and Chilean Spanish, conveying their determination to rise above haters and pursue their goals. SHOTS FIRED DOPE_MTF ft. ErReKiNg WATCH
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