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Antonio Bazdaric, rock and roll singer and songwriter, as well as the founder of Infinity Studio, moved to Ireland some years ago but originally is from one of the best European destinations - Croatia, Zadar.

His town has always been full of musicians, pubs and streets have always been filled with the sound of good old Rock and Roll. That is truly the reason why Antonio chose to make rock music. 

He began his musical journey at the age of 7. "Nobody did inspire me. I was born with a love for music pumping in my blood," says Antonio Bazdaric. 

It all started with choirs in a church, and then choir in the primary school. But this is only the beginning as his musical path was marked with different experiences and adventures.

Music saved Antonio during uncertain times as he survived the civil war in Croatia when he was just a kid, also spent numerous months in the hospital.

"MUSIC MAKES US UNIQUE. Once you are a musician, you are Artist, and your Art inspires some random people in the world, and you never know how many lives your music saves,"  believes rock artist.


Antonio grew up listening to the Green Day album "American Idiot" and inspired by them became a member of a rock band "Dišpet". During those times, he even had a long hair as a real rocker. However, something incredibly interesting happened when the rock artist decided to cut his hair.

"I was kicked out of the band because a guitar player, who is a good friend of mine now, told me that I am not rocker anymore only because I cut my hair (laughing). Later, I decided to create my band named "Opasna Zona" (Eng. Danger Zone). After some time, the band separated because someone bought and demolished the building where we had rehearsals. So everyone went different ways," Antonio remembers his adolescence.

Besides, he was a member of a few more punk/rock bands. Spending his teenage days practicing in the basement with the bands, he also tried a street singer role and was performing on the main street of Zadar. 


Antonio's journey, as a solo artist, started in June 2019 when he wrote and released his first song "End Game." The idea of the song was to emphasize how everyone turns bad at the end.
"End Game" is also the name of his first album, which is coming out soon. The CD will have 10 songs on its playlist, which 8 of them are original songs written by him and his brother Ivan. "The most important thing is to put real feelings in the songs as Chester Bennington did. He encouraged me to sing about real issues and rough experiences," says Antonio Bazdaric.

Antonio also adds Chad Kroeger from "Nickelback" and Billie Joe Armstrong from "Green Day" to his inspirational list. "Be who you are and listen to what you like because that's your call," he persuades everyone.  


If the singer could change anything in the music industry, he would bring CD’s and the Vinyl-era back. It has always been Antonio’s dream to carry his first CD in his hands. It lacks just a little bit until it comes true!

"I enjoy reading positive reviews from fans because it shows me that I’m doing a great job. Everyone thinks that they can be musicians like that's an easy job," smiles the music artist. 

Also, Antonio admits that rock artists are often put into stereotypical frames. Many people think that rock artists are drug and alcohol addicts, irresponsible people. "My life used to be chaos, but I never needed those things, and I am definitely against them. My medication has always been music itself," admits Antonio.

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